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Main stage sponsors -S&S northern - Chorley. 2nd stage sponsors - C.A.S (contained air solutions) Oldham.

PWD Preston. Express banners, Chorley. Madog Guitars - Ramsbottom, Ashdown UK.

 Timmsy - Event Power & Lighting. Fender UK. Tony Hooker Art. Paul Galligan - Wasp Tee Shirts.

Rock Struck PA - Bury. Rocksector Records. Demonize Debz and Andy. Heating Controls - Chrorley.

Paul Ashlby - Steve haslam - Emma Kaye - Lyndsey Hopkinson - Fiona Wynn - Steve Morrison - Karen Firth

Harvey Scott - Torben Foli - Gary Wells - Chris Buckley - Simon Warrington - Chris Berry - Rodrigo Bvevino - Christophe Verimmen photography

And Andy Spence who worked his Bollox off for 4 days with the stage crew.

And not forgetting Kev Wynn



        THE CREW

Steve Grimmet, lead vocalist with Grim Reaper, had to undergo a partial amputation in January after an infected wound on his foot spread to the bones in his leg part way through the band’s five-week tour of South America.

The life-saving surgery was carried out in Ecuador and the 57-year-old singer was in hospital for just over a month while fans raised $14,000 (more than £10,000) to bring him home after his insurance company refused to pay because of the type of work he was doing.

In fact, with World War II pilot Sir Douglas Bader as his inspiration, he’s willing himself to get mobile ahead of the ‘Bang Your Head’ Festival in Germany.  “The way I’m looking at it, I’ve only lost part of one leg, while Douglas lost both of his and continued to fly,” says Steve, who lives in West Swindon and has sold more than 1 million albums.

“I feel I owe it to our fans: so many people donated money after they heard what had happened and this is my way of saying thank you.”

Kev Wynn plays bass for nwobhm band Tysondog ..and organises gigs and festivals for the band all over the world ...when something like this happens it really brings it home how lucky we are to be still playing after all these years ,but health is something we take for granted ,and we are not getting any younger ! But the love of the music keeps us going Jonathan Timms has worked with some of the biggest bands and entertainers his company specialises in sound,lighting and stage management , Craig Fearnly owns Maddog guitars in Ramsbottom Bury will provide the backline for this event, he is also lead guitarist in local recording band Sister Rose who are currently working on the follow up to their fantastic debut album ,Chris ( Buko) Buckley Mr Glaston -Bury ..Chris has the respect of everyone around these parts for the fantastic charity work he does ,Bury Hospice would have probably closed down had it not been for this mans efforts ...he ..somehow ...?? Managed to get us the fantastic Elizabethan Suite venue for an amazing cheap deal off Bury Council by putting our vision of staging this benefit rock festival, many many others also involved Andy Spence for coming up with the name ,Tysondog guitarist Steve Morrison for the fantastic poster,Paul (wasp) Gilligan will provide tee shirts ..Demonized Debs ..renowned DJ has been promoting the hell out this event and will be comparing the event while keeping us entertained in between bands ....and to our sponsors ..who will be mention later.

Day 2

Day 1